59 minutes | Jun 1st 2020

Navigating COVID-19 #8: Leveraging federal dollars for COVID-19 response (Part 2)

Several weeks ago, we released a COVID-19 funding podcast that was based on our initial understanding of the federal funding that’s available for state and local governments with regards to COVID-19 response and recovery. While much of our original recommendations are still relevant and accurate, this is an unprecedented and rapidly evolving situation. There are new cooperative agreements and updated options that state and local governments can take advantage of. In this episode, hear again from three of ICF’s emergency management experts—Meghan Treber, Kelly Price, and Marty Altman—as they explain the federal funding options available to state and local governments and eligible private nonprofits for COVID-19 response. Moderated by Marko Bourne, former director of policy at FEMA. We've also published a list of helpful resources compiled by our disaster management experts to provide clarification on relevant response and recovery topics: https://www.icf.com/insights/disaster-management/covid-19-resources

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