42 minutes | Dec 17th 2020

A global health expert on U.S. public health in an interconnected world

In this episode, hosts David Speiser, Ph.D., executive vice president at ICF, and Nicola Dawkins-Lyn, Ph.D., vice president of research science at ICF, explore how public health in the United States links up—and doesn’t—with the larger global health landscape.The conversation with Director of Emory University’s Global Health Institute Dr. Jeff Koplan covers topics such as:The relationship between U.S. healthcare and the nation’s larger patterns of government.The ways global health issues affect the United States and highlight the world’s interconnectivity.The skills the U.S. public health workforce needs to operate in a global environment.The increasingly apparent role of climate change as an influence on public health issues.The importance of creative public health messaging in motivating U.S. citizens to stay healthy over time.
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