57 minutes | May 14th 2019

Working for Peace: Mado Hesselink

About this Episode: Joe and Mado Hesselink (Creator of teachingyoga.net and host of the Yoga Teacher Resource podcast) explore the following topics: :: Discovering how yoga isn’t just about flexibility :: How effort and work can lead to peace and tranquility :: Understanding how yoga can permeate into our day-to-day lives About Mado: After discovering Martial Arts in college, Mado found her way to yoga in order to balance her body from the intensity of martial arts training. Once she became a mother, she devoted herself fully to yoga and started teaching in 2005. After teaching full time for several years, Mado learned the importance of cross training and began to incorporate other types of movement into her life, specifically hiking, crossfit and aerial arts. She also loves to have mid day toddler dance parties in her living room with her youngest child and friends. Mado’s passion is training and mentoring other yoga teachers, which she does by hosting/producing the Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast and through private and group coaching programs. Find out more about the podcast and how to work with her at http://www.teachingyoga.net About Icewater Yoga: Icewater Yoga is an online yoga platform offering hundreds of classes designed for athletes and movers. Start your two-week free trial: https://icewateryoga.com/product/monthly-subscription/ Questions: Email us at info@icewateryoga.com to ask any questions you have about the podcast or anything else.
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