54 minutes | Oct 26, 2017

On the Air: Who is the Perfect 10?

After a breathtaking, thrilling, action-packed 1-0 win against Crystal Palace...so exciting, in fact, that only one of us watched it...the pod crew is back once again to talk all things NUFC. First, Tom and Phil cede the heavy lifting of the Palace recap to NBC Sports Gold subscriber Matt. Branching out from that, we all share our thoughts on Ayoze Pérez after a disappointing showing on Saturday. Is he doing the job Rafa is asking of him? And if that role isn't as a creative string-puller in the Newcastle attack, is it really correct or fair to refer to Pérez as a number 10 at all? Looking at the bigger picture, we wonder whether 7th place in the table is an accurate reflection of the way NUFC has played this season and if that form is sustainable...even if a prolonged sale process means that this squad could be set in stone through the January transfer window. We also turn the show over to Tom for another edition of Great Moments in the Mike Ashley Era, featuring a 3-3 draw against Palace where anyone crazy enough to put money on the three Newcastle goalscorers can probably afford to buy the club from Ashley right now. iOS users, apologies that we're getting tons of inscrutable error messages as we try to put the show back on iTunes. However, for Android users or people with iPhones who don't mind downloading another app, we are available on both Stitcher and TuneIn. Thanks so much for your support! IWIWAG 10-26-17  
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