66 minutes | Aug 30, 2020


Welcome to the first episode of this podcast! Today’s guest is Rusty Schwimmer. She is a highly successful and well-known TV and film actor, and one of my good friends. We chatted 3 days after what would have been her mother’s 85th birthday about Sidney Poitier, her mother’s self-taught love of painting, and how sometimes saying “My perfect children” doesn’t always help the child. Check out our website, www.mothersgravepod.com, for Behind the Scenes images of this episode, and to learn more about the United Negro College Fund, an organization that Rusty has been supporting for over 20 years. Episode I - Rusty transcript I Swear on My Mother’s Grave is edited and produced by Redbird Media Group Logo and graphic design by Meredith Montgomery Theme music by Matt Chapman Website by Na’toria Marketing & Design Come follow us on Instagram. Thanks to Anchor and all of you for listening.
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