55 minutes | Jan 24, 2021


Today’s guest is Jess Jones. She used to be an agent (one of my agents, to be exact!) and is now the Center Director for The Kaufherr Center in Chicago, which supports professional and emerging performing artists seeking opportunity within the entertainment industry. In this episode, we talk about faith, bringing your children to your childhood home, how her mom spent her life leading others through grief, even when she was grieving...and the innate goodness within us all. I will also admit to being a part of my church’s handbell choir in my youth, for all to hear. Check out our website, www.mothersgravepod.com, to find Behind the Scenes images from this episode, and to learn how you can support Grief Share, an organization that Jess’ mother worked with and believed in during her lifetime. Episode 8 - Jess transcript I Swear on My Mother’s Grave is edited and produced by Redbird Media Group Logo and graphic design by Meredith Montgomery Theme music by Matt Chapman Website by Na’toria Marketing & Design Come follow us on Instagram. Thanks for listening.
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