58 minutes | Apr 4, 2021


Today’s guest is Halley Mayo. She lost her mother when she and her twin brother were just 4 years old. In this episode, Halley expresses how she doesn’t know her life without grief and doesn’t understand why she is still crying…over a woman she didn’t even know. She talks about how grateful she is to her step-mother, who is actually her mother’s cousin, for choosing to be a mother when she didn’t have to. And we talk about a tape. A tape her mother recorded for her two children in the last weeks of her life. A tape that Halley didn’t hear for many years after her death, and which you will get to hear now...30 years after her death. Check out our website, www.mothersgravepod.com, to find Behind the Scenes images from this episode, and to learn how you can support The Willard Walker Hospice Home. Episode 11 - Halley transcript I Swear on My Mother’s Grave is edited and produced by Redbird Media Group Logo and graphic design by Meredith Montgomery Theme music by Matt Chapman Website by Na’toria Marketing & Design Thanks to Tyler Meredith for the introduction to Halley, Danny Bravman, Heather Bodie, Lora Nicole, Jill Wolf, Jonathan Baude and all my friends for your love and support. And thanks to all of YOU for listening, sharing, and subscribing. Come follow us on Instagram.
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