58 minutes | Nov 15, 2020


Today’s guest is Caitlin Costello. She is a hilarious actor and comedian, who also works in the world of recruiting. Caitlin’s mother was a lifelong caretaker and nurse, who loved her family, friends and New York City. In this episode, we are going to talk about suicide. But suicide is only part of this story, it isn’t the whole story...and trust me, you are going to want to hear all of Caitlin’s stories, especially when she fell asleep drunk on her own mother’s gravestone. Check out our website, www.mothersgravepod.com, for Behind the Scenes images of this episode, and to learn about how you can support the “Lois A. Vanderhoff Nursing Scholarship”, started by Caitlin’s father to help young nursing students at Indiana University - South Bend. Episode 5 - Caitlin transcript I Swear on My Mother’s Grave is edited and produced by Redbird Media Group Logo and graphic design by Meredith Montgomery Theme music by Matt Chapman Website by Na’toria Marketing & Design Come follow us on Instagram. Thanks for listening.
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