58 minutes | May 7, 2018

ISDMR - 22- Backyard Beta

Tom and Jay test their remote broadcast capabilities in Jay's backyard. The guys talk religion, Jagermeister, The Kentucky Derby, Lawton;s Deep-fried Hot Dogs, letting yourself go because you got married, exercise, cooking on the grill, Korean peace talks, the joy of judging others, Will's super hero match-up picks and Jay running away from a bee like a sissy. Enjoy! As always, please subscribe to the podcast on Itunes and Soundcloud and Youtube. They seriously have about 20 Youtube subscribers - By our calculations they have the fewest of anybody on Earth. You don't have to like Tom and Jay but it would be appreciated if you would PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THEIR PODCAST!------ Learn more on about the "I Shoulda Did More Reading" podcast: www.facebook.com/shouldadidmore/ ishouldadidmorereading.com/ It works!!!!!!!! Twitter: @ShouldaDidMore Please subscribe to their Youtube channel and their Itunes podcast www.youtube.com/channel/UC9QAmLda…iew_as=subscriber itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/i-sho…d1321197987?mt=2 EMAIL the lads at ishouldadidmorereading@gmail.com Like the motto for Bartles and James wine coolers which Tom drank 30 of in 1990 at a Mike and the Mechanics concert, "We thank you for your support."
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