27 minutes | May 11th 2020

E24 An Infinite Love

Are you ready to start your journey toward happiness, connection, and loving yourself the most? All you need to start is a bit of advice, insight, and practical wisdom courtesy of Lisa Beck, author of An Infinite Love.

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Our guest today is Lisa Beck, who is an author, coach, personal trainer, and public speaker.  She has a passion for learning and understanding how the body moves and how to help people feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

When she’s not working with health and wellness clients, Lisa delves into leadership coaching helping to cultivate culture, communication, and leadership in men, women, and youth. 

Her book is called An Infinite Love: Your Journey Toward Happiness, Connection, and Loving Yourself the Most.

Good news. The book comes with insight AND practical applications. I had a chance to read her book and it helped me immediately with emotional support and insight I didn’t realize I was missing.

Lisa is sharing a freebie sample of her book on her website AnInfiniteLove.com when you join her waiting list for the book launch announcement.


Her best friend and source of many stories is her dog Daks. Just in case you haven’t run into Lisa at the dog park, here is what Daks looks like. (He can be shy and closes his eyes.)

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