35 minutes | Apr 19th 2020

E20 Connecting with Happiness

What makes a happy person happy?  Tom Glaser’s book, “Full Heart Living – Conversations with the Happiest People I Know,” takes us along on his journey to find a way to be happier and more often. Learn how to find your happiness and optimal human performance. Tom and Lori also show you how to play the Conversation Sparks game.

Click the image above to watch the YouTube video Tom Glaser

Tom Glaser, Senior Happiness Superhero, is a life coach, psychologist, and speaker with over 30 years of experience. He brings his passion for helping people live their best lives to counseling individuals or groups, hosting podcasts, and teaching.

His book encourages people to engage in the transformation into happiness with exercises and concrete ideas to implement them into their lives.  Each of the 20 chapters addresses a theme in your life.

“Happier people connect deeply with others, with themselves and with their passions.”

-Tom Glaser

Good news. The freebie for this episode is an excerpt from the first chapter of his book and the companion workbook PDF. Be sure to sign up for the I See Hope Newsletter that has the direct download links to the freebies.

Once you find happiness get ready to share! How can we help others be happy?  Give them a call.  Talking voice to voice helps people have true human connections.  Video is even better.

Thank you for helping bring positive change to the world through your happiness. This brings me hope.

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