59 minutes | Mar 28, 2020

How to Produce Your Own Work with Erin Cronican

“I need to leave a legacy.” –Erin CronicanErin Cronican is the Executive Artistic Director of The Seeing Place Theater in New York City.   (www.seeingplacetheater.com) Erin joins “I Love Theatre Now What” from the East Village, where The Seeing Place Theater has been spending a decade infusing classic, masterful texts with the current truths of our society.  Engaging audiences with immersive experiences and deepened connections, Erin and her team at The Seeing Place have been dedicated to “returning theater to its rightful name: the place we go to see ourselves.”Hear from Erin Cronican about:·         How nonprofits versus for-profits differ with finances·         What producing your own work is like·         How she differs from her co-founder, Producing AD Brandon Walker·         How this theater crafts their seasons·         What producing in NYC is like versus everywhere else·         The 3 questions that are a MUST for choosing plays·         The strong connection she was with Margaret Edson’s play, Wit·         How you can get cast or involved at The Seeing Place Theater·         Great advice on how to make a real connection professionally·         How actors can treat themselves like a business·         Characteristics that mean you might be a leaderYou can follow The Seeing Place Theater on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with @theseeingplace  You can see more about Erin at www.erincronican.comYour host Steph Newman is a theatre pro who helps people.  Contact her!  You can share your questions, dreams, failures and successes to get tips, tricks and ideas by writing to steph@stephnewman.com  This podcast is on a mission to share the real stories that lead to real jobs (in the arts and beyond).  So if you're curious to know where that love of drama can lead, listen up!This is a labor of love.  Your contributions lead to better equipment and interviews.  Contribute at www.stephnewman.com/podcast  Support the show (http://www.stephnewman.com/podcast)
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