29 minutes | Oct 23, 2018

Episode 17: Playdate Etiquette: What You Need to Know Before You Go

You've been invited to your first play date—hooray! What do you do and how do you turn a playdate for your little ones into a mom friendship for you. In this episode, Mandy and Nicole go in depth on the dos and don'ts of attending a playdate with your little one.  SummaryMandy + Nicole share updates on their hunts for new mom friends.Mandy remanences on some of the creative playdates she has attended at Nicole’s house.We share rule #1 of playdates—you do not want to mess this one up!We discuss simple ideas for showing appreciation to the host. Mandy talk about how to follow-up after the playdate to build that friendship.We go over some of the common questions when it comes to playdates like bringing snacks and where to change a diaper.How long should you stay at a playdate? We’re giving you the specific amount of time we feel keeps you from overstaying your welcome.Nicole shares her thoughts on whether or not you should be reciprocating the playdate invite afterwards.
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