21 minutes | Jul 22, 2021

🎧222: Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working for You

If there’s one thing people always forget about the law of attraction, it’s action. It’s true, you DO have the power to change your reality by changing your thoughts. But it’s not enough to simply think your desires into existence—you’ve got to ACT on them, too. Yes, even when your desires feel further away than ever.  Easier said than done? Maybe, seeing as our actions are often based on the way we’re feeling—and our moods have a tendency to fluctuate (sometimes for no apparent reason).  So how can you train your brain to stay the course and keep your vibration high, even when nothing is working the way you’d hoped and all you want to do is throw in the towel? What can you do to dig yourself out of your pit of despair and desperation, and keep on chasing your purpose? How can you stop stacking up the problems, blaming everyone and everything around you, and defaulting to anxiety and overwhelm? Well, lovely, that’s exactly what I’m talking about in this episode of the I Heart My Life Show. You see, I wasn’t always as in love with my life as I am today. And in fact, I still have the occasional crisis of confidence. A few weeks ago, my mindset was in the gutter. I was ready to cancel my yoga class and throw caution to the wind when it came to my next big business move.  Thankfully, my husband and Certified High Performance Coach James came to my rescue with an excellent question that now has a permanent place in my mindset toolbox. This is the one and only question you need to move from a mindset of lack to abundance. I’m sharing it with you in today’s episode, and trust me—this one simple shift will change EVERYTHING.  In This Episode: What my first-ever coach told me about the law of attraction Why it’s not enough to think your desires into existence  Energy and action go hand in hand  Why you’re defaulting to overwhelm  The one question you need to shift your mindset and raise your vibration The real reason most people miss out on abundance  Why there’s no use in worrying—and what to do instead Quotes:  “I want you to really understand that the law of attraction is more than just thinking about something and then creating it in your life. You actually have to take action. The law of cause and effect is at play there. When we think about something, when we have a goal or we have a desire or a mission, it's not enough just to think about it. We need to take some sort of action.” - Emily Williams  “In those times where it feels like nothing's working, or it feels like you can't do this, you might be more likely to make a decision that hurts everything that you're trying to accomplish.” - Emily Williams  “How would you be showing up in this moment if everything was working out as you wanted it to?” - Emily Williams  “Everyone needs to know that they have the ability to shift their mindset on a dime. And most people don't have that information. Most people believe that whatever they get in life, that's just what they're stuck with. And so they have to make the most of it. And most of the time we don't make the most of it.” - Emily Williams  “Everything is unfolding as it is meant to, and you can choose to be the best version of yourself at any given moment.” - Emily Williams  “Think about it: how many unanswered prayers have actually been blessings in disguise in your life? How many challenges have been disguised as opportunities for growth? They felt difficult at first, but they helped you grow.”- Emily Williams  Links & Resources: Follow the I Heart My Life Show on Apple Podcasts https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/i-heart-my-life-show/id1569047758  Subscribe to the I Heart My Life Show on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/1Zw6fI37FrfVjZMXlMiZZ6 Connect with Emily: I Heart My Life Website https://www.iheartmylife.com/ I Heart My Life on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/iheartmylife/ I Heart My Life on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/iheartmylifenow I Heart My Life on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/i-heart-my-life/ https://www.iheartmylife.com/join Join the IHML community to receive exclusive announcements and tips. Email: info@iheartmylife.com mailto:info@iheartmylife.com Book a Call http://www.iheartmylifebooking.com/ Episode Sponsor: I Heart My Life Day Workshop
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