38 minutes | Nov 17th 2020

Imperfectly Perfect with James Robilotta

Intention Statement:  I HAVE TODAY...to be Imperfectly Perfect! My guest this week is James Robilotta.  He is an author, speaker, personal coach, host and entrepreneur.  James’ first book is, “Leading Imperfectly:  The Value of Being Authentic for Leaders, Professionals and Human Beings.”   What a fun, funny, brilliant guy!  He has a brand new podcast called, “Diner Talks with James” where he seeks to replicate the deep and often hysterical conversations that happen between friends over a plate of pancakes at a diner late at night!  His guests range from actors, to CEO’s, to thought leaders, to random fascinating people.   James speaks all over the world to clients like American Express, General Electric (GE), Yale University, The Ohio State University, and many others.  He makes people think and he makes people laugh.   He lives his life by what he wants said about him during his eulogy.  He lives to put himself in places where he has cool conversations.   He dropped so many brilliant nuggets, like:   He worked for a “Reverse Role Model”...which made him realize how much of a need there was for Strong Leadership.   We need to shift the way we talk to each other.   We don’t spend enough time looking at how far we’ve come...we always focus on the mountain ahead of us.   The loudest voice in our brain is the “inner critic.”   Leaders need to be having “Growth Conversations” instead of “Annual Performance Reports.”   So powerful!   James is a shining example of living his life to the fullest...Leading Imperfectly!   For more information about James Robilotta, go to:  www.JameTRobo.com Get James book: https://amzn.to/38OoO9n   Find out more about Diane at www.DianeForster.com Download Diane’s FREE 8 Affirmations PDF:www.8affirmations.com   
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