57 minutes | Sep 15th 2020

How to Connect to The Infinite Being That You Are

Back by popular demand....Brian Ridgeway is my guest this week on “I HAVE TODAY with Diane Forster!” Brain is the “Spellbreaker”...who is The Master at dissolving your problems, your limiting beliefs, the blockers that hold you back! The difference between Brian and everyone else out there is he has the ability to tap into the deep, deep issues that no one else can! He can dissolve them in minutes!   He’s worked with over 120,000 people in countries all over the world...well known celebrities, public figures and more! His results are unimaginable! There’s no one else out there that does what Brian does! ...Which is why we’re having him back!   Brian is going to help you step into the experience of being ONE BEING...yes, seriously! You need to watch this episode in order to have the experience! This has the ability to change your life forever! And, it can happen in minutes! (I know...it happened for me.)   Register for Brian’s Living In Oneness Now: http://www.briandridgway.com/today
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