95 minutes | Mar 11th 2020

How Did Kaitlin Sandeno Become a 4X Olympic Medalist, an Author, & Break Barriers for Women Everywhere?

Sam welcomes to the podcast two-time Olympic swimmer and four-time Olympic medalist, Kaitlin Sandeno. Kaitlin is a world champion, former world record holder and has won a gold, silver and two bronze medals throughout her career. Since retiring, Kaitlin has gone on to lead a successful post-Olympic career as a sports commentator, motivational speaker, coach, philanthropist, author, and GM of a professional international swimming league. In this episode, Sam and Kaitlin talk extensively about Kaitlin’s professional swimming career, from the highs of qualifying and competing in two Olympics to the lows of injuries. They discuss the lessons they both learned from their first experiences at the Olympic Games. Kaitlin tells the story of how she won her most prized medal, the silver, and what it meant to her personally. Finally, Kaitlin talks about her post-Olympic career, including her involvement as a National Spokesperson for NEGU, an organization that’s near and dear to her heart. Full show notes: http://ihavecoolfriends.show/s3e9
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