55 minutes | Feb 26th 2020

How Did Cody Miller Find A Way to Overcome a Health Condition & Win an Olympic Gold Alongside his Childhood Idol, Michael Phelps?

Sam welcomes to the podcast Olympic champion and eight-time American record holder in competitive swimming, Cody Miller. Cody is also a self-proclaimed movie buff, puppy enthusiast, food assassin, YouTuber and Water Jedi. In this episode, Sam and Cody chronicle Cody’s journey as an athlete, from overcoming a serious health condition when he was young to winning a gold medal alongside his lifelong idol, Michael Phelps. Cody shares his experiences as an elite Olympic athlete as well as life lessons he’s learned along the way. Among the most important things he’s learned, Cody stresses the importance of taking a moment to self-reflect and appreciate the moment. Finally, Cody shares the golden rule he tries to utilize every day. Full show notes: http://ihavecoolfriends.show/s3e7
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