80 minutes | Feb 12th 2020

How Did Alyssa and Haley Anderson Make the Olympics Together and Overcome Imposter Syndrome?

Sam welcomes to the podcast two very special guests, Olympic swimmers and sisters, Alyssa and Haley Anderson. Alyssa became an Olympic gold medalist in 2012, and Haley was one of the first USA athletes who qualified for the upcoming Olympics Games in Tokyo for 2020. This will mark Haley’s third Olympic Games. Haley’s already won an Olympic silver medal in 2012 and was the first American to earn a medal in open water swimming. In this episode, Sam, Alyssa and Haley discuss the culture of USA Swimming, the mindset required to be a successful Olympian, and the power of resiliency. Alyssa and Haley break down the difference between open water and pool swimming competitions as well as how they get pumped up before big races. Finally, Alyssa and Haley talk about Imposter Syndrome and the importance of overcoming your own self-doubts to achieve greatness.

Full show notes: http://ihavecoolfriends.show/s3e5

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