33 minutes | Jun 23, 2021

New Studio Flex: Full Frontal & Posterior Edition 🍑👀

New Studio… Who Dis? Amy Vanderoef and D’Andra Simmons are in a new studio and that “level up” brought a whole new level of fun! In this episode, the ladies discuss the new non-surgical butt rejuvenation procedure D’Andra’s is doing, they share their experiences of being naked when cameras were rolling (on Real Housewives of Dallas and for a mammogram segment on TV!), D’Andra brings on her husband, Jeremy, who roasts her for missing his special once-in-a-lifetime moment, and we find out why kids are like mariachi bands! This is a fun episode you won’t want to miss!Follow D'Andra Simmons at https://www.instagram.com/dandrasimmonsFollow Amy Vanderoef at https://www.instagram.com/amyvanderoefFollow the IDGAR Podcast at https://www.instagram.com/idontgivearippodcast#idontgivearipExecutive Producer: Mike Morse for YEA Networks / YEA PodcastsWe would love your feedback... If you enjoyed this episode, tell us why! Leave us a review and make sure you subscribe on your favorite podcast platform.
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