15 minutes | Sep 22, 2008

Living Change I Ching podcast

Here it is... I Ching podcast, episode 1. In future I'd like to add more sections to this - some interviews, feedback, shared experiences, maybe even some music like a real, grown-up podcast. Some of the more in-depth stuff will be for Change Circle members only, but there'll always be a free part, too. At the moment, after all the planning, divining, thinking and recording and editing and geekery, it seems quite odd that the result is less than 15 minutes long. Still - it makes sense to start small and grow rather than starting huge and dwindling away, doesn't it? Also, Yi was helpful enough to give me an unchanging hexagram for my first 'living change' reading: Question: Yi, what do we need to know about holding a living connection to source and meaning?Answer... ...well, what single hexagram would you imagine might answer that one? It wasn't in the least what I expected, but the more time I spend with the reading the more it moves me. (You know how that works.) Have a listen; let me know what you think. Thoughts about the reading, suggestions for future questions and content... all welcome. And here's the link I mention in the audio, to sign up for Saturday's teleseminar.
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