62 minutes | Feb 1st 2021

EP 42 - The Great Train Robbery

In 1963, a team of thieves pulled off one of the most audacious train heists in history, without firing a single shot.  The heist, worth over $40,000,000 in today's money was the perfect combination of planning, muscle, and crazy and like any good heist there's some fun nicknames.Pete is joined this week by the hilarious Kent Carney. Kent is the star of the fantastic web series, "Bagged and Bored" and such an iconic Louisville comic that the local comedy awards are literally named after him. If you like this podcast, be sure to subscribe and follow us on social media at @ICanStealThat and rate and review the show on iTunes or wherever you cast your pods!  If you'd like to support the show financially so we can invest it back into making improvements, please consider joining our Patreon and get access to ad-free episodes and an exclusive sticker. 
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