81 minutes | Dec 30th 2020

EP 38 - Ivar Kreuger - The Match King of Sweden

Ivar Kreuger was a business man and financial whiz that became the Match King of Sweden AND an engineer that worked on the Flatiron building and Macys flagship in NYC, and he invented financial practices that are still in use today,  but what he is best known today for is  financing governments so they could rebuild after WWI and getting the title "The Savior of Europe" and committing such massive fraud that he nearly bankrupted Sweden, single handedly causing a market crash that rivaled Black Monday(for which he was also kind of responsible.) Pete is joined this episode by Eitan Levine, telling the story of The Match King in English for the first time.  This episode meanders a bit, but it's one of my favorites and I think you'll love it.If you like this podcast, be sure to subscribe and follow us on social media at @ICanStealThat and rate and review the show on iTunes!  If you'd like to support the show financially so we can invest it back into making improvements, please consider joining our Patreon and get access to ad-free episodes and an exclusive sticker.  
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