56 minutes | Jul 8, 2020

The Puppy Episode with Stevie and Dave

Stevie adopted a tiny puppy named Boyfriend! Dave's fostering a tiny puppy that he can't stop calling Chicken! Also, both of them are furious that no one in California will wear a mask. Theyre both popping off a little more than normal this week, but you would be too if you'd been slowly losing your mind stuck inside on a weekend meant to celebrate this country that we're too dumb to protect from total collapse! Come for the puppy talk, stay for the righteous indignation toward people's reckless endangerment of their fellow man! Oh, and Stevie downloaded Hinge again, so watch this space for updates. Please consider donating to the Okra project, a charity designed to provide in home cooking for black trans people in need (and food deliveries for unhoused people!). http://www.theokraproject.com for more info!
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