81 minutes | Nov 13, 2020

NR vs NMN is Dated, Boosting NAD+ to New Levels – EP21: Nichola Conlon (Nuchido)

In this twenty-first episode, Nichola Conlon provides a scientific background, introducing sirtuins and NAD. She then explains why popular NAD+ boosters, NR and NMN, are first-gen products. Read the transcript She details how Nuchido formulated the first second-gen product by taking a novel whole systems approach. Lots of NAD, anti-aging, and nutraceutical discussion along the way. Topics we discussed in this episode Recent personal experience with COVID-19 Her molecular biology PhD focus Systems pharmacology Help from Aubrey de Gray Disillusioned with drug development Founding Nuchido What are Sirtuins? What is NAD? Importance of NAD. Why Boost NAD Levels? Inefficiency of First-Gen NAD Supplements: NR and NMN Three ingredients to boost NAD Pure NAD limitations Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) 60% increase in NAD “only” Second-gen, demonstrated it can be done much better if you take a whole systems approach Importance of NAD salvage pathway PARP enzymes Inability to power sustained high-levels because of salvage pathway deterioration First-gen may not be great for epigenetics Increases expression of the enzymes in the salvage pathway that are known to decline with age Ingredients that reduce the expression of other processes that are actually wasting NAD Enzyme called CD38 Inflammatory levels – CD38 just chews up NAD Multiple things that you can do to fix the cell before you even need to put precursors in. NAD decreases with age Do we Need NAD Supplements? Sirtuins and mitochondrial biogenesis Boosting your NAD levels, improves mitochondrial function. Multiple reasons that are causing the NAD to decline, boosting as with first-gen only the amount of raw material that your cell has is quite naïve Second-gen helps fixe your body’s natural ability to make and recycle its own NAD Nuchido TIME+ boosts NAD on average by 242%, four times more than the 60% widely cited for first-gen ChromaDex vs Elyisum Health Terms B3, niacin, nicotinamide, nicotinic acid, NR Abram Hoffer and orthomolecular medicine Nicotinamide is not likely to be a sirtuin inhibitor, How to measure NAD levels Nuchido TIME+ ingredients Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and effects on AMPK Conversion of NADH to NAD+ Drift more towards having more NADH in your cell with age Pathway called NQO1, converts NADH back to NAD+ ALA is a really powerful antioxidant, activates NRF2 ALA vs ALA-R Sophora Japonica Extract Rutin, senolytic NAMP Aging is an inflicted cascade disorder Show links Nuchido (Company Website) ChromaDex (Company Website) Elysium Health (Company Website) Elysium Health, Inc. Loses Appeal of Patent Challenge Decision (Press Release) Orthomolecular Medicine (Wikipedia Entry) Abram Hoffer (Wikipedia Entry) Niacin: The Real Story: Learn about the Wonderful Healing Properties of Niacin (Amazon, Book) Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone (Amazon, Book) GlycanAge (Company Website) The post NR vs NMN is Dated, Boosting NAD+ to New Levels – EP21: Nichola Conlon (Nuchido) appeared first on Quantified Health, Wellness & Aging Podcast.
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