89 minutes | Jun 4, 2020

Genetically Modifying Humans to Reverse Aging – Today – EP15: Liz Parrish (BioViva)

In this fifteenth episode, Liz Parrish shares her quest for radical life extension and details her two completed gene therapies. Read the transcript She describes the regenerative medical tourism available today for increased lifespan and costs. She relates her company’s mission to create a human that regenerates faster than they degenerate. She details her upcoming gene therapies, including upgraded IQ. Topics we discussed in this episode Making controversial medical history Quest for radically increased longevity Upregulating telomerase, hTERT Downregulates myostatin, follistatin Interest in regenerative medicine technologies Desire to help billions of people Comany goal to create a human that regenerates faster than they degenerate PGC-1α BioViva’s DNA methylation kit Plan to look at multiple aging clocks Regenerative medical tourism Childhood ambition Space travel and gene therapy are intertwined Personal goals Morphological freedom Hope for the future Being of optimistic nature Gene therapy – dystopian or utopian? Gene therapy costs Societal health stratification Making humans more malleable like software What is gene therapy? Gene delivery and viral vectors Next personal gene therapy – Klotho Next personal gene therapy – PGC-1α Developing New Viral Vectors Apo-A1 Milano Adeno-Associated Virus (AVV. AAV-2) Show links BioViva (Website) Integrated Health Systems (Website) Telomeres and Longevity: A Cause or an Effect? (Paper) Effects of Myostatin Deletion in Aging Mice (Paper) Telomeres and Telomerase as Therapeutic Targets to Prevent and Treat Age-Related Diseases (Paper) Inhibition Of Myostatin With Emphasis On Follistatin As A Therapy For Muscle Disease (Paper) PGC-1α in Aging and Anti-Aging Interventions (Paper) TimeKeeper DNA Methylation kit (Landing Page) Longevity (Subreddit) Maximum Life Foundation (Website) George Church (Wikipedia Entry) Factor IX (Wikipedia Entry) hTERT (Wikipedia Entry) Hayflick Limit (Wikipedia Entry) Follistatin (Wikipedia Entry) The Longevity Hormone Klotho Is a New Player in the Interacion of the Growth Hormone/Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 Axis (Paper) rs9536314/Klotho Gene (SNPedia Entry) PGC-1α in Aging and Anti-Aging Interventions (Paper) María A. Blasco (University Staff Page) The Long Saga of Apo-A1 Milano (Article) Why Most Published Research Findings Are False (Paper) The post Genetically Modifying Humans to Reverse Aging – Today – EP15: Liz Parrish (BioViva) appeared first on Quantified Health, Wellness & Aging Podcast.
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