100 minutes | Mar 31, 2016

HP 27: The Powerhouse of the Cell

You didn't want to read last episode's mailbag again, did you?Recorded March 16th, 2016Your browser does not support this audio Direct link http://dl.hydrostaticpodcast.com/HP_27_The_Powerhouse_of_the_Cell.mp3IntroductionWe welcome HPA_Dichroic and Yadaryon to the show!Question for the PanelWhat would you most like to change about Project Discovery in the future?Phyridean's Pub QuizLast Episode's question: A certain Gallente songwriter once wrote a song about his lost love. Name the artist.Answer: Jaroud Dertier (check the show info for Azure Plagioclase)Thanks to Meliannah for this question.Congratulations to MinisculeMinja Barviainen for being our random winner of 4000 Aurum! (And honorable mention to Ibrahim Tash-Murkon, the only other listener to get the question, even though we gave everybody five months to answer.)No new question for this episodeMailbag, Corrections, and UpdatesNew Patrons: Alan Shroue, Angel Penshar (who compares us favorably to piss!), Degestus Chene, Yuriegh(Yur-ig) Orindril(Orin-drill), Benji, Ibrahim Tash-Murkon, and El'Basin, who upped his gift for the holiday seasonJames Sylvestre's list of collective nouns:Uprising of MinmatarCongregation of AmarrHustings of GallentePantheon of JoveOrgy of Blood RaidersShamble of SanshaBand of GuristasExplosion of Rogue Drones (Assembly?)Murmur of Sisters of EveGang of SerpentisKnuckle of Shadow CartelMechanics DrilldownProject Discoveryhttp://www.proteinatlas.org/http://mmos.ch/Know Your LoreSpecial guest Rhavas gives us the lowdown on Inheritancehttps://community.eveonline.com/backstory/chronicles/inheritance/From Rhavas's blog:https://interstellarprivateer.wordpress.com/2016/01/02/the-revelations-of-delegate-zero/https://interstellarprivateer.wordpress.com/2016/01/15/carolines-star-4-kardashevs-children/Closing ThoughtsDichroic shouts out his scientist friends at HPA, Atilla at MMOS, and the team at CCPYadaryon shouts out CCP Wonderboy, and suggests that CCP hire him full timeLocke creatively gives a shoutout to the guests and all of Project DicsoveryPhy gives a shoutout to the Tweetfleet Slack Moderation team member SibsRate us on iTunes and Stitcher radioSend Feedback to hydrostaticeve@gmail.comOr check out our other projectsMusicIntroduction, transition, and closing music "In the Magnificent Realm" by CCP Games
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