35 minutes | Nov 28, 2017

Hutong (Ad)Ventures #10: Xinhua Zhou, SVP Operations @Terminus Technologies, ex-GP @Everbright - Focus Media New Industry Fund

Xinhua Zhou is currently Senior Vice President of Operations at Terminus Technologies, a smart city and internet of things startup backed by China Everbright Group and IDG Capital, amongst others. Prior to Terminus, Xinhua was a General Partner at Everbright-Focus Media New Industry Fund, where she closed investments in portfolio companies such as Yixia Technology which produced popular livestream apps Yizhibo and Miaopai, fintech 米么金服 mi-me.com focused on female consumers, and 寿全斋 Shou Quan Zhai a 250 year old Chinese health products brand. Before entering venture capital industry, Xinhua was at Dianping, China’s top groupbuying company and closed strategic investments in companies such as food delivery platform ele.me and O2O karaoke startup一起唱 Yi Qi Chang. Xinhua completed her MBA at The Wharton Business School and Bachelor degree in Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University   Key points covered: Journey to from a startup to a VC and then to a startup What do LPs look for when GPs approach them to raise a fund? What type of due diligence does the LP do on the GP? Investment logic behind some of Xinhua’s portfolio companies: Why did she invest in a ~250 year old brand? Transitioning from fund to startup: What are the learnings? Tips for foreign startups looking to enter China market Items mentioned: Xinhua’s previous startup: Dianping (now Meituan Dianping) Case study investment: Shou Quan Zhai Twitter: (at)hutongv, (at)haymarkethq Hutong (Ad)Ventures is a podcast on how to succeed in China featuring top venture capital investors, founders and operators with real China experiences. Hutong (Ad)Ventures is part of Haymarket HQ. Hosted by Jemma Xu.
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