39 minutes | Nov 27, 2020

SaaS Side Hustle Rockets to 30k Users | Toni Panea

In this episode, I am chatting with Toni Panea about how he created Crmble, a SaaS CRM built on top of Trello. He dives into how he took it from an internal tool with a company he was managing and turned it into public SaaS product serving over 30,000 users. Oh, and he grew it from 0 to 30k users in just 9 months! Get Crmble now: https://bit.ly/3fgneOJ---The #1 way you can support this podcast:👉 Take a screenshot of this podcast and send it to a friend or share on social  🙌---If you have an awesome side hustle that you would like to share with the world, I'd love to have you on my podcast.You can schedule a podcast interview by going to calendly.com/gritandhustleco/guest
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