79 minutes | Jul 8, 2021

How to Stay More Focus & Use Your Time Better w/Will Goto & Macgill Davis (Co-Founders of Rize.io)

Wanna know how stay more focused and use your time better? In this episode, Matt @mattgottesman sits down with Will Goto & Macgill Davis (Co-Founders of Rize.io) and they go all in on why focus and productivity is a growing problem to solve, managing time is our greatest ally, why it’s hard for people to manage their time, creating a startup based on the needs of the market instead of simply solving their own interests, building a startup around time tracking and productivity and what they’re directly learning from their customers, understanding product-market fit, constantly iterating from their past mistakes, becoming more productive is a practice and it starts with constantly understanding what you’re doing with it and much more…   FEATURED GUESTS: Will Goto & Macgill Davis Instagram: https://instagram.com/_rize.io_ Website: https://rize.io   HOST: Matt Gottesman Instagram: https://instagram.com/mattgottesman Instagram: https://instagram.com/hdfmagazine Website: https://mattgottesman.com   PODCAST: All Platforms: https://amp.ink/dZ2Xd Instagram: https://instagram.com/hustlesoldseparately
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