54 minutes | Jun 21, 2021

How to Cultivate More Discipline & Patience w/Tianna Bartoletta (2x Olympian & Author)

Wanna know how to develop more consistency, resilience and discipline? In this episode, Matt @mattgottesman sits down with Tianna Bartoletta (2x Olympian, 3x Gold Medalist & Author) and they go all in on cultivating discipline, not waiting for things to happen but to go out and simply discover, practicing resilience and how she cultivated it over time, showing up even when you don’t feel it, establishing good habits while removing bad ones, trusting your intuition, authoring a book, showing more real, raw and vulnerability online to cultivate community with her audience, the upcoming Olympic trials and much more…   FEATURED GUESTS: Tianna Bartoletta Instagram: https://instagram.com/tianna.bartoletta Website: https://tiannabee.com   HOST: Matt Gottesman Instagram: https://instagram.com/mattgottesman Instagram: https://instagram.com/hdfmagazine Website: https://mattgottesman.com   PODCAST: All Platforms: https://amp.ink/dZ2Xd Instagram: https://instagram.com/hustlesoldseparately
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