61 minutes | Feb 24, 2021


So you'll hear my voice briefly in this episode; but this was about me. This originally was not intended to be posted as an episode of HR; it's a small piece of the work meaningful and impactful work that I get the opportunity to to do every day. I coordinated this panel for students at Bradley Tech HS in Milwaukee, WI as part of their BLACK LIVES MATTER AT SCHOOLS YEAR OF PURPOSE programming. This panel featured BLACK WOMEN that are making amazing strides and contributions to the community and was facilitated by an amazing math teacher who also is a BLACK WOMAN. They talk about representation, mentorship, finding and unlocking your confidence in addition to shedding light on the cool things they are doingFeatured Panelist:  Nyesha Stone, Carvd N Stone Kayla Lewis-Allen, Full Circle Television Tyanna McLaurin, Black Lens MKE Moderator:Chai Hudnall-Vogel, Math Wizard
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