56 minutes | Dec 25, 2019


Hello and welcome to the second part of the end to our first season! This is the second half of an interview Bob O'Boyle did with Tannner Sholey. Tanner has been part of the Montana Grizzlies Hurling Team since the beginning. Tanner is an amazing guy. He just showed his Butte Tough as he underwent surgery for cancer this month. Tanner and his wife Lizzy are fantastic folks! Please enjoy the interview. We'd also once again like to thank the Blaggrds for allowing us to use their music for the podcast. You can find them online at theblaggards.com where you can listen to their podcast Slappercast. We would really like to thank everyone who follows us on our social media. Helping us spread the word about this great community. And an extra thanks to those of you who have contributed directly to the cause with your financial support. This helps us get to more events and talk with more folks to bring you more of the content that you're looking for. You can find out more about how to contribute online at ourhurling.com, click on the support us link.
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