25 minutes | Sep 2, 2019


This week we are taking another step back and listening to an interview that Naoise Waldren did with Chad Ireland from Missoula Montana after the Grizzlies' first national champion chip win. We keep bouncing back to some of these interviews from the beginning of this hurling legacy here in Montana and i think it’s important to do. For me it really highlights the comradery of the team members. You can hear in these conversations the bonds that have developed. This is why sport is such a huge part of culture. This is why we rally. Pleae enjoy the interview. A really big thanks to Naoise for sitting down with Chad and discussing his experience here hurling in Montana as well as the importance this has played in exploring his culture and heritage. We'd also once again like to thank the Blaggrds for allowing us to use their music for the podcast. You can find them online at theblaggards.com where you can listen to their podcast Slappercast. We would really like to thank everyone who follows us on our social media. Helping us spread the word about this great community. And an extra thanks to those of you who have contributed directly to the cause with your financial support. This helps us get to more events and talk with more folks to bring you more of the content that you're looking for. You can find out more about how to contribute online at ourhurling.com, click on the support us link. We hope to see everyone in Helena on the 28th of September for the Thomas Francis Meagher hurling tournament. It’s going to be a great time and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone there. If you haven’t listened to episode 12 yet, bob and i sit down and talk about some of the details, the reasons behind having this in Helena and some of the folks that are really helping out to make this happen.
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