15 minutes | Aug 5, 2019


Welcome to episode 11 of Hurling in the Shadow of the Rockies! In this episode we sit down with Siobhán O'Donnell. Siobhán was here in Missoula in 2017, working with Bob O'Boyle and the Thomas Francis Meagher Association. We get to hear a bit about what her take on hurling and her experiences here in Montana. We really want to thank everyone who has helped support us through our social media and everyone who to support the games and the community. We especially want to give a big thanks to everyone who has contributed directly by becoming a patron. This direct support is what allows us to continue to provide you with content and to help promote this great sport. You can find out more about contributing online at our website: ourhurling.com/index.php/support/ We also would like to thank the Blaggards for allowing us to use their music for the podcast. This is no small thing and we can't say enough how much this makes us want to share and be a part of this community even more. You really owe it to yourself to check them out on their website at: blaggards.com/ Please visit our YouTube channel at youtube.com/ourhurling to help us get to the 1000 subscribers needed to be able to live steam directly to YouTube. This will allow us to provide higher quality games to watch after the live streaming events.
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