16 minutes | Apr 4, 2019


In this follow up to episode 2 we get to listen to an interview that Donncha did with Naoise Waldron in December of 2018.. They revisit some of the conversation from episode 2, reflecting on the goals of the team then and now. We really want to thank everyone who has helped support us through our social media and everyone who to support the games and the community. We especially want to give a big thanks to everyone who has contributed directly by becoming a patron. This direct support is what allows us to continue to provide you with content and to help promote this great sport. You can find out more about contributing online at our website: ourhurling.com/index.php/support/ We also would like to thank the Blaggards for allowing us to use their music for the podcast. This is no small thing and we can't say enough how much this makes us want to share and be a part of this community even more. You really owe it to yourself to check them out on their website at: blaggards.com/
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