12 minutes | Jan 23, 2021

Season 5 Eps 5&6

    • Sam’s having her dress fitting. Rachel’s emotional – you look amazing…
    • They struggle to keep the kids still long enough for them to be fitted, but agree they look sweet in their outfits. It’s going to be a fantastic wedding, says Rachel…
    • Judy’s brought home an Indian takeaway. Bob’s grumpy and monosyllabic…
    • What’s up? You’re always so morose these days, says Judy. Is it because of Robbi
    • Fiona apologises for missing the reception the other day, but she was poorly…Are you OK now, says Raymond – and Fiona reveals her pregnancy to him. She asks him to keep it a secret but says she couldn’t hide it from her boss due to the sickness.
    • Alastair’s having dinner at Chantelle’s. She’s in the kitchen and he’s in the living room. He tries to log onto her computer and gets frustrated because he can’t…
    • Robbie has called – he’s heading off to Colombia with his girlfriend.
    • He’s going earlier than planned because her father has a consignment of something he wants them to deliver and he’s paying them, which helps Robbie’s limited budget
    • The two of them are getting ready for bed. Charlotte remarks on Raymond’s physique. She says he’s starting to look the way he did when they first got married…
    • With a few more wrinkles, laughs Raymond, then says how proud he is of Charlotte.
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