12 minutes | May 16, 2021

Season 5 – Eps 37&38

Raymond’s still gutted about losing the cycle race to Bob and Doreen. Charlotte does her best to soothe his bruised ego, but he refuses to cheer up, so she gives up… While you’re in a foul mood, I might as well tell you that I want to offer Jordan a full-time job, to replace my PA who’s quitting due to ill health… Rehearsals have gone well. They’re a bit worried about Jordan but all others are fine Mario and Sam are at an open mic night. Have some drinks for Dutch courage…Eventually they’re brave enough to give it a go. It’s a novelty for the audience – British honeymooners. The pair duet on “I’ve Got You, Babe”. Goes well…Heather says Huntsford Advertiser is going to cover the run-up to the launch, and the launch itself, in a series of articles. Great publicity… They’re recording an outside broadcast for the radio; first cookery programme… Carmella and Vicky are making the perfect Croque Madame – but set grill alight… Last client leaves and Fiona departs soon after. Raymond asks Alyson and Laura if they can stay behind for a minute; he wants to tell them something in confidence A&L whisper between themselves – is he about to confide in them about Fiona? Raymond orders a lime and soda. D&T tease him about being beaten by Bob and Doreen in the cycling. He reveals latent prejudice; Doreen not ‘really a woman’ Trevor doesn’t rise to the bait and focuses on Bob – his body isn’t exactly a temple…
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