12 minutes | Apr 25, 2021

Season 5 – Eps 31&32

Rehearsals are underway for the new station. Ryan is observing Kylie Smith She used to present a show on hospital radio so is polished – Ryan is intimidated Raymond whispers to Fiona to join him in the store cupboard in a minute When she turns up, he explains about the rumours re: him being her baby’s father. He says it’s time to get their own back on Alyson and Laura – and have some fun… The newlyweds arrive in LA for their honeymoon – excited to be in Tinseltown… They pick up their hire car – Mario surprises Sam with a convertible Ford Mustang The organising committee is all set for the cycling challenge – nervous but excited Carmella’s not cycling as she’ll be dispensing her snacks – but Vicky’s doing the longest of the novice races. Carmella says she’s worried she won’t make it round… Fiona has to go for a scan the next day. She asks Alyson and Laura if they can cover her clients. I was going to order some stock, says Alyson, but I can change my plans… Fiona walks away and Alyson and Laura grumble. It’s all about her, they complain… Adam’s at the bar. Vicky sees him looking daggers at Alastair, who’s with Chantelle in the corner. Not your favourite person, either? No, Adam admits It’s worse than you think, says Vicky. He has an evil twin! How d’you mean, he asks
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