11 minutes | Mar 26, 2021

Season 5 – Eps 23&24

Carmella has made the wedding cake. It’s ready to be iced. Love the guitar shape, says Vicky – it’s perfect. It took ages to get just right, says Carmella… She picks up the cake and walks across the kitchen, but slips and falls over… PC Evans confirms that the CPS has given the go ahead for their case to go to court That’s great news, says Doreen. It’ll take time, says PC Evans, but it’s progressing… Bob has heard from Robbie. He’s extending his tour of South America indefinitely… Bob’s sad that he doesn’t know when he’s going to see his son again. Carmella and Vicky discuss the hen do. It was gorgeous – lovely spa and treatments The dinner was fun too – nice to see the women of Huntsford getting on so well The two of them discuss whether to take on the flat and move in together. I’ve wanted to move out of the pub for ages, says Jordan, so it makes sense for me… Laura and Alyson watch from a distance as Raymond and Fiona share a joke. I’m sure my suspicions are right, says Laura. You can’t be sure, says Alyson.
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