33 minutes | Feb 3, 2021

HTP #075 - Joseph Mallozzi

Joseph Mallozzi is a highly accomplished writer, with series such as Utopia Falls and Dark Matter to his credit. However, the work I couldn’t resist talking about was his work on the Stargate series, joining SG1 in Season 4 and helping launch Atlantis and Universe. Joe and I talk about world-building, US Military support of the show, the importance of humor in science fiction, and the Richard Dean Anderson factor. Because Jack O’Neill is awesome. We also get to take some awesome tangents into talking about getting kids into reading (the Harry Potter Effect) and getting them to keep reading after they grow up (the Post-Harry-Potter effect). Also, how has the shortened TV season trend changed showrunning? — See Show Notes at www.AaronBossig.com Follow me on Twitter - @AaronBossig Podcast logo and graphics by Marcie London www.MarcieLondon.com - @MarcieStarfleet
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