47 minutes | Mar 22, 2019

Ep. 4 Running a Travel Blog and Business ft. Sierra of Your Change Of Scenery

On Episode 4 of Hungry Black Girl Travels, I sit down with Sierra to discuss her travel blog, Your Change of Scenery and her recent expansion into the travel planning industry as a Travel Advisor. With Your Change of Scenery, Sierra aims to prove that it’s possible to make traveling a part of your lifestyle! For her, traveling is a way to remain sane and to cope with all of the harsh realities of adulting. It’s a luxury that she’s blessed to be able to afford, and she’s happy to share her tips and tricks for making travel more affordable! Listen as Sierra and I discuss her inspiration for Your Change of Scenery, her best tips for traveling on a budget, hair and beauty, solo travel vs. group travel, travel elitism in the black travel community and so much more! Follow Your Change of Scenery on all platforms below: www.yourchangeofscenery.com www.instagram.com/yourchangeofscenery/ www.facebook.com/yourchangeofscenery/ www.twitter.com/chngeofscenery Email: sierra.robinson@yourchangeofscenery.com Travel groups and organizations we mentioned during our conversation: https://www.instagram.com/30damnblackpeople/ https://www.instagram.com/blkcelebgiving/
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