31 minutes | Sep 17th 2018

031 Recording Artist Moy Baun

Hello, world! It's the 31st episode. In this week's episode, we Humble Hype Recording Artist Moy Baun. We discuss his recently released official single 6 Figure and what his lifestyle has been like since then. Moy Baun is living the hustle as a solo independent artist. His first two singles and videos as a new artist were Weekend and Half Time featuring popular artist Bay Swag and were released last year and received over 60K youtube views.    The current single, 6 Figure, which was independently released 2 months ago, has already received over 350K stream plays and shared replays on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Soundcloud combined. With the video being released today, Moy hopes to bring a fresh look and sound to the urban music industry.    - Follow Moy Baun at: - Instagram:@moybaun - Youtube: Moy Baun - Spotify: Moy Baun - Soundcloud: Moy Baun - Follow & Subscribe to the Humble Hype & Co at: - iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, Soundcloud, & Spotify - www.humblehype.com - Instagram: @humblehype_co - The Humble Hype & Co Podcast is produced and arranged by: - Instagram: @mr_d_abel - The Humble Hype & Co Podcast is Hosted by: - Instagram: @mradamsd  
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