42 minutes | Sep 8th 2018

030 Cirque-It Fitness with Founder Elizabeth Skwiot

Hello, world! It's the 30th episode. In this week's episode, we Humble Hype Elizabeth Skwiot, founder of Cirque-It Fitness.

Cirque-It Fitness was born out of the joy of movement. Founder, Elizabeth Skwiot, fell in love with circus training at age 23 when she first stepped off a flying trapeze platform at a circus school. Circus training brought back the joy in movement she had as a child but had slowly lost touch with it in adult life. Combining her experience in Pilates and competitive fitness, Elizabeth set out to create a workout that was not only effective but something to look forward to, an outlet in a busy life – a workout that was more than just another chore.

The result is a class that combines elements of circuit training, functional and core fitness, Pilates influence, variable intensity training, and circus arts into one expertly-designed 45-minute workout. Cirque-It Fitness teaches ‘circus-infused’ moves in a small group circuit training format that is fun, challenging, and accessible to a wide variety of fitness levels.

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