70 minutes | Jul 27th 2018

028 Nick Davis Podcast Producer of This Past Weekend with Theo Von

Hello, world! It's the 28th episode. In this week's episode, we Humble Hype Nick Davis, the producer for one of the top-ranked podcasts known as "This Past Weekend" with the hilarious host Theo Von. Listen in as we converse about his journey to obtaining a successful career as a major league podcast producer.   - Follow Nick Davis and Theo Von at: - Instagram:@realsnickdavis - Instagram:@theovon - Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/theovonk   - Follow the Humble Hype & Company at: - www.humblehype.com - Instagram: @humblehype_co - The Humble Hype Podcast is produced and arranged by: - Instagram: @mr_d_abel - The Humble Hype Podcast is Hosted by: - Instagram: @mradamsd  
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