49 minutes | Mar 27th 2018

021 KNOPS - The volume button for your ears

It is the 21st episode! Hello, world and welcome to the Humble Hype Podcast. In this episode, we travel international airwaves from San Diego to across the globe all the way to the Netherlands and into your ears with a very special guest and life-enhancing forward thinking company. We Humble Hype KNOPS the Cofounder Richard of KNOPS and their Project Manager Raoul. Good times are had in the Humblest of studios as we discuss their product and the many benefits it can have for music festival fanatics, busy businessmen, and women, and for those who enjoy a little peace and quiet at times. We hope you enjoy! Catch the full videocast on our youtube channel: https://youtu.be/RYf8SjE5Els   Use Promo Code "HUMBLEHYPE" for a 10% off discount of the "KNOPS ORIGINAL" Follow Knops at: Instagram: @knopsear https://knops.co/   Follow Humble Hype at: https://humblehype.com/ Instagram: @humblehype_podcast  Twitter: @humblehype Facebook Page: Humble Hype Podcast Youtube: Humble Hype
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