87 minutes | Mar 13th 2018

020 Cancer Survivor Jeff Clancy

We have a special episode for all to enjoy. We will be Humble Hyping cancer survivor and Borson's dear friend Jeff Clancy. Their friendship goes back to their college days when they worked for the University of Michigan Football Program. Life was pretty awesome. Clancy was just accepted to Law School and the two were living it up celebrating the big news! Everything was going to plan until Borson got the call from Clancy that changed everything. He was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, but that was not going to stop him from living his life. Now a law professor with a beautiful wife and daughter, Clancy will share his story on how he got through the tough days and how he makes the most of his life today. Cancer impacts us all and his story will offer hope and inspiration to anyone battling this disease. Plus he has the best laugh you'll ever hear! In honor of Clancy, we will be doing a ‘Humble Hype Cancer Away’ drive. Purchase our fine apparel at www.humblehype.com and 100% of all apparel proceeds will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and American Heart Association. Let’s make it happen!

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