62 minutes | Mar 2nd 2018

019 Kombucha On Tap

It is the 19th episode! On today's show we Humble Hype the owners of KOMBUCHA ON TAP, (KOT) Jared and Deanne. Take this audio journey with us to learn about what Kombucha actual is, and how it can improve your gut health. We all know how much pain and discomfort our guts can cause us at times (especially Producer D Did It), so let us, and Kombucha on Tap owners Jared and Deanne help you detoxify your system with this simple at home remedy as we demystify this magic sweet tea, how it is made, and what it consists of.

During this episode you will be entertained with the discussion that Adam Borson and "Producer D Did It" engage in while sipping vast amounts of "booch". So plug in your earbuds, or turn on your bluetooth to listen in as we unwind in the Humble Hype Podcast studio and enjoy the story behind the shaping of the ever expanding "Kombucha on Tap" distribution dynasty with our lovely, inspiring and entertaining framily guests Jared and Deanne.

Yes, it is worth the sip, trust in Humble Hype and mention our podcast to gain access into the private members club bar at the Kombucha on Tap headquarters located at:

2826 La Mirada Dr. Unit B Vista, CA 92081

 You will get a free Growler and 1st fill, Monday - Friday, 9AM to 5PM.

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