50 minutes | Feb 15, 2021

#125 Tim Hall - Executive Chef - Burgh Island Hotel

It was quite a few months ago when the opportunity crossed my desk to interview Tim Hall, who is the executive chef at Burgh Island.  It caught my eye because Burgh Island is such a unique location, as a tidal island just off the south coast of Devon.  I was intrigued to understand a bit more around the complexity of running not one, but three restaurants, on an island that for many hours of the day cannot be accessed at all, or certainly not without its challenges.  Add to that Tim’s reputation for excellent food and access to some beautiful foraged ingredients, a new owner of the hotel and a new fish restaurant on the island, and I thought it would make a lovely day out and place to visit.  Alas lockdown got rid of the visit element, but it was still nice to catch up with Tim and and learn all things Tim and Burgh. Visit the hotel website, or find them on twitter and instagram
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