81 minutes | Feb 8, 2021

#124 Lee Cash - Founder Peach Pubs

Lee Cash was always driven to become self employed in the hospitality sector.  He learnt his craft with some of the best, from Robin Sheppard at Bespoke Hotels and chef Raymond Blanc.  But all the time driven and motivated to test himself, to learn all he could and get ready to put into practise the art of perfecting 1000 little details to make his own venues successful.  I always enjoy chatting to people who really have proper hospitality in their soul.  Who understand how spaces feel.  How the lighting, the candles, the music, the team, the furniture, the layout, the space itself and so much more comes together to create somewhere special that people enjoy.   I loved Lee’s perspectives about pubs being a great leveller.  More so perhaps than restaurants, you are likely to have every type and age of person hanging out at a bar, ordering a decent pint of beer.  You’ll get to hear about how Lee and his business partner Hamish bought different skills to the business, and how over the years, at different stages in their growth, these different skills have helped Peach grow into such a fantastic business.  You’ll also laugh at the story of Lee going from being so skint one morning that he had to use his passport as a deposit in an Aussie backpackers, to a few hours later saying yes to his first chef job cooking alone on boat full of divers on the great barrier reef.  That say yes now, work out how later, kind of attitude that so many driven entrepreneurs have. You can read more about Peach Pubs on the website, or find them on twitter and instagram
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